A set of random .rb scripts to accomplish various odd jobs. I use this for mainly prototyping ideas and save them off in here for current or future projects. Feel free to take these if you find them useful.
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RubyScriptLibrary is a set of various scripts to perform random utility functions. Consider these files as my prototyping set of classes that I don't want to lose in case I find a use for them. Some of the ideas I've used in other projects, and others I've kept stored here for future projects I want to utilize these for. Freely take these as you want and use them for your own projects.


Some of these scripts were pulled off of the web from various other sources and authors much brighter than myself. I have attributed the implementation of these where possible, but if I miss anything, feel free to contact me regarding this and I will correct it immediately.

klauern@gmail.com if you have any questions.