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🐧 Collection of config files and information about my desktop-pc setup
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Linux Box

This repository contains a collection of config files and information about my desktop-pc setup. Mainly as a reference for myself in future.

Used Software

Base system

  • Debian GNU/Linux (Testing Channel)
  • Xorg
  • Lightdm
  • i3 window manager
  • UXTerm as terminal emulator
  • feh to configure wallpaper
  • Rofi application launcher
  • Pulsaudio
  • Wicd & Wicd-GTK as network manager (mainly for Wifi)
  • Thunar file browser

Additional Tools

  • Atom Editor
  • Zeal Documentation Browser
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Docker Engine Community
  • Firefox ESR
  • Thunderbird
  • Parcellite clipboard manager
  • Dropbox


  1. Minimal Installation of Debian GNU/Linux (Testing - Currently "buster")

    • Netinstall
    • Encrypted LVM
    • No graphical environment
    • No extra Software
  2. Setup some basics

$ sudo apt-get install -y curl git htop ncdu ranger sudo tig vim wget zsh
  1. Install graphical environment
$ sudo apt-get install -y xorg lightdm i3 i3blocks feh rofi
  1. Add some nice eyecandy
$ sudo apt-get install -y arc-theme moka-icon-theme lxappearance
  1. Custom fonts (non-free)

Note: Find them on the internet ;)

$ ls -1 ~/.fonts
'System San Francisco Display Bold.ttf'
'System San Francisco Display Regular.ttf'
'System San Francisco Display Thin.ttf'
'System San Francisco Display Ultralight.ttf'


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