flQuake is a Quake port for the Flash platform with a fancy renderer
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flQuake is a Quake port for the Flash platform. It was based on the Makaqu codebase, a heavily modified Quake engine by Manoel Kasimier. I decided to base flQuake on Makaqu due to the familiarity with the engine when i used to work with Dreamcast homebrew. flQuake has been, so far, an adventure for me, and a pretty exciting one. It uses only the original software renderer and all modifications have been made on top of it.


  • Bilinear texture filtering
  • Support for the Half-Life BSP format (BSP version 30)
  • Support for Half-Life WAD3 and true-color textures (embedded in BSP only)

Authors and contributors

  • id Software (Creators of Quake)
  • Klaus Silveira (Creator, developer)
  • Michael Rennie (Original Flash port of Quake)
  • Manoel Kasimier (Makaqu engine, based on Quake)


GNU General Public License, version 2


  • Improve Half-Life BSP support
  • Transparent textures


I'm still working with flQuake, but not as much as before. There are some bugs i need to fix and tons of things to improve. I still need to make the engine run at some decent speeds and clean the codebase, because honestly, it's a mess.


  • Fix the Windows/Linux build
  • Fix weird particle problems
  • Fix weird texture problems (specially skies)
  • Fix transparency issues
  • Clean the codebase from Dreamcast particularities, such as input (this might speed things a little bit)
  • Clean the code base from everything that's not needed or doesn't work as expected
  • Comment the code: not only the changes, but the entire engine. Always wanted to do this!


You'll need Adobe Flex, Adobe Alchemy and Flash Develop to build flQuake. Familiarity with Adobe Alchemy is a minimum requirement. Oh, and it's a real pain in the ass to setup Alchemy on Windows, so, use Linux for this.


  • id Software for creating Quake, and most importantly, releasing it's code under the GPL
  • Michael Rennie for his Flash port of WinQuake
  • Manoel Kasimier for Makaqu