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History / Troubleshooting

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@sdellenb sdellenb Amend SELinux commands to allow the webserver to read from the /home/git/repositories folder. 9c6a05f
@hkockerbeck hkockerbeck Updated Troubleshooting (markdown) 2c59bb3
@superbob superbob More conf needed with a restrictive install of apache2 fb5c314
@grenade grenade Updated Troubleshooting (markdown) bf6f649
@klaussilveira klaussilveira Adding a note about old libpcre causing problems. Fixes #23. c775997
@klaussilveira klaussilveira First revision of the troubleshooting guide 3bb78be
@klaussilveira klaussilveira Created Troubleshooting (markdown) 12df1e4
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