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Feb 21, 2012

  1. Klaus Wilms

    Update administrator/components/com_admin/models/sysinfo.php


Feb 19, 2012

  1. Update administrator/components/com_admin/views/sysinfo/tmpl/default_…

    Klaus Wilms authored
  2. Update administrator/components/com_admin/models/sysinfo.php

    Klaus Wilms authored

Feb 16, 2012

  1. spaces not allowed in tag names

    Klaus Wilms authored

Feb 14, 2012

  1. Nikolai Plath

    # [#28044] Plugin Loadmodule ignores selected style. Thanks Nikolai

    elkuku authored infograf768 committed

Feb 13, 2012

  1. Christophe Demko

    [#28000] Featured articles parameter does not work in mod_articles_po…

    chdemko authored
  2. elinw

    [#28017] JModuleHelper All but selected does not work correctly when …

    …there is no itemid
    elinw authored chdemko committed
  3. Rouven Weßling

    # [#27410] Don't use DS anymore. Thanks Rouven

    realityking authored infograf768 committed
  4. # [#27902] *mod_languages html 5 validation error empty action

    attribute. Thanks Danilo.
    infograf768 authored
  5. #$ [#27716] Saving 'Start Publishing' updates 'Finish Publishing' not

    'Start Publishing'. Thanks John.
    John Hooley authored infograf768 committed

Feb 12, 2012

  1. Rouven Weßling

    # [#28028] *Entering an article link via the Article button=>links

    broken in SEF. Thanks Rouven.
    realityking authored infograf768 committed

Feb 10, 2012

  1. Mark Dexter

    Add Module0002 test class

    dextercowley authored
  2. Mark Dexter

    Clear cache after system tests

    dextercowley authored
  3. $ [#27824] Offline image overflow

    infograf768 authored
  4. Vittal Aithal

    # [#28021] mod_login module does not HTML escape the user's name.

    Thanks Vittal
    vittala authored infograf768 committed
  5. Patrick Alt

    # [#28007] Languages overrides not showing content when showing is set

    to all. Thanks Patrick Alt
    Chraneco authored infograf768 committed
  6. Rouven Weßling

    # [#27568] Remove the use of all deprecated functions (except JRequest

    and JException) in the installation. Thanks Rouven
    realityking authored infograf768 committed
  7. + Adding index.html in new docs folder

    infograf768 authored

Feb 07, 2012

  1. + Adding us flag to mod_languages

    infograf768 authored
  2. # [#27975] smart search author not translated.

    infograf768 authored
  3. Ofer Cohen

    # [#27990] Captcha Typo .Thanks Phil and Ofer.

    oc666 authored infograf768 committed
  4. # Correcting EOL for some adapters files (Issue posted on platform)

    infograf768 authored
  5. + Adding index.html in new build folder

    infograf768 authored
  6. andreatarr

    # [#27992] Beez 2.0 has one css file still hardcoded with template

    name. Thanks Andrea
    andreatarr authored infograf768 committed
  7. Mark Dexter

    Add build script to repository

    dextercowley authored

Feb 06, 2012

  1. Rouven Weßling

    # [#27784] Use less deprecated functions. Thanks Rouven

    realityking authored infograf768 committed

Feb 05, 2012

  1. Christophe Demko

    Merge pull request #117 from AlexRed/patch-2

    Correcting author name
    chdemko authored
  2. Klaus Wilms

    [#27843] media.php jInsertFieldValue

    authored dextercowley committed
  3. Yannick Gaultier

    [#27923] com_menus item model calls non-existing method

    shumisha authored dextercowley committed
  4. [#27802] The package installer insert two database entries on templates

    Reinhard Hiebl authored dextercowley committed
  5. Matt Thomas

    [#27907] Sitename not escaped

    betweenbrain authored dextercowley committed

Feb 04, 2012

  1. Ofer Cohen

    # [#27853] error notice using search in joomla 2.5. Thanks Ofer.

    oc666 authored infograf768 committed
  2. Ofer Cohen

    # [#27600] Editor-XTD buttons Issues in FireFox 9. Thanks Ofer.

    oc666 authored infograf768 committed
  3. hooduku

    [#27960] Unable to create an article

    hooduku authored chdemko committed
  4. # [#27972] Multilanguage Status module report version 1.7.1 should be

    infograf768 authored
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