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This set of scripts will build the requisites for KLayout builds with MSVC 2017, both for 32 and 64bit. These are:

  • libexpat: XML parser for use with Python standalone modules
  • libcurl: HTTP/HTTPS access for Python standalone tools
  • zlib: Compression library
  • python: A basic installation including a debug variant
  • ruby: Basic Ruby required to support DRC and other DSL's
  • openssl: Support for HTTPS


  • git installed in PATH
  • MSVC 2017 installed (e.g. community edition). Or MSVC2019 with compiler 14.1.
  • Helper tools: (1) ruby.exe, bison.exe, flex.exe, sed.exe in PATH (2) cmake.exe in PATH (3) perl (for OpenSSL, Windows version) (4) nasm (for OpenSSL) (5) host Python (for Python)

For (1) use MSYS2:

  • install "pacman -S ruby bison flex sed"
  • set PATH=c:\msys64\usr\bin;%PATH%

For (2) use cmake for Windows:

  • set "PATH=c:\Program Files\cmake\bin;%PATH%"

For (3) use Strawberry Perl from

  • set "PATH=c:\strawberry\perl\bin;%PATH%"

For (4) use NASM from

  • set "PATH=c:\Program Files\NASM;%PATH%"

For (5) use Anaconda3 from

  • set anaconda=c:\ProgramData\Anaconda3
  • set "PATH=%anaconda%;%anaconda%\Library\mingw-w64\bin;%anaconda%\Library\usr\bin;%anaconda%\Library\bin;%anaconda%\Scripts;%anaconda%\bin;%PATH%"

Note: cmake and perl must be taken from the Windows installation! Make sure they are in the path before MSYS2 components.

Script Usage

Set TEMP environment variable to a suitable build directory.

To build all:

buildall.bat -t <installation dir>

To build 32 bit only:

buildall.bat -32 ...