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Ansible : klaytn_ansible collection


Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions. It combines the best features of both public blockchains (decentralized data & control, distributed governance) and private blockchains (low latency, high scalability) via an efficient 'hybrid' design. Klaytn is secured by participation from numerous highly-reputable brands around the globe, working together to create a reliable business platform atop a robust system of decentralized trust. Klaytn enables businesses and entrepreneurs today to capture value using blockchain technology. Klaytn is the future, designed by Ground X.

Klaytn provides advanced tooling that allows you to quickly build, operate & govern and grow blockchain networks.


ansible-galaxy collection install klaytndev.klaytn_ansible

Role list

No role name description
1 klaytn_node install / configuration Klaytn packages
2 klaytn_bridge configure bridge between two chains
3 klaytn_grafana install / configure grafana

Launch Ansible


First, update inventory.

SCN1 ansible_user=MY_USER ansible_host=

builder ansible_host=localhost ansible_connecion=local ansible_user=YOUR_USER

Also, update Klaytn version to the latest one. Refer to Klaytn Download page for the latest version of Klaytn.

    version: v1.7.3

Using docker

You can use provided docker image for Klaytn ansible. The docker image is inside of docker directory.

  • STEP 1: Copy your private SSH key for the ansible image.

   cp /YOUR/KEY/PATH docker/keys/ansible.key

  • STEP 2: Lauch docker image using docker-compose command.

    docker-compose up -d

Docker includes the following packages

Package Name Package Version
net-tools latest
software-properties-common latest
ansible latest
python-pip latest
python-dev latest
build-essential latest
groff latest
boto3 latest
awscli latest

Using your local ansible plugins

You are also able to use your own Ansible, Ansible AWX or Ansible Towner

For example,

$ cp roles/klaytn_node/tutorial/service_chain_SCN_setup.yml .
$ ansible-playbook -i roles/klaytn_node/inventory service_chain_SCN_setup.yml

Or you can use the provided script.

$ ./ node
$ ./ bridge
$ ./ grafana

NOTE If you are not using SSH-agent, you might need to provide Ansible with SSH keys to access remote hotst. You can either use --key-file option in the command line, or use ansible_ssh_private_key_file in the inventory file.

# In command line
$ ansible-playbook -i roles/klaytn_node/inventory service_chain_SCN_setup.yml --key-file /path/to/your/ssh-key
# In inventory file
SCN1 ansible_user=MY_USER ansible_host= ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/path/to/your/ssh-key