Add big number exception handling, off-by-one in Int/Long handling (not serious), and version bump #3

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  1. Big number exception handling (previous didn't support anything outside of [-263, 263-1])
  2. Off-by-one in Int/Long handling. This is not serious, one number in each range would have been a pickle instead of an integer type; however, it's good to have it be clear what ranges become pickles and what ranges become native ints
  3. Version bump
bwhite added some commits Jan 21, 2011
@bwhite bwhite Added error check in longlong handeling (only one error can occur the…
…re, assumes it is overflow for speed). It clears the error and falls back to Pickle.

Signed-off-by: Brandyn A. White <>
@bwhite bwhite Corrected lower end of the integer checks (lowest possible value was …
…being missed)

should be [-2**31, 2**31-1] and [-2**63, 2**63-1] was [-2**31+1, 2**31-1] and [-2**63+1, 2**63-1]
Signed-off-by: Brandyn A. White <>
@bwhite bwhite Version bump
Signed-off-by: Brandyn A. White <>
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