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Joins hostnames with logs and counts number of logs per host.
import dumbo
from dumbo.lib import JoinReducer
from dumbo.decor import primary, secondary
def mapper1(key, value):
yield value.split("\t", 1)
class Reducer1(JoinReducer):
def __init__(self):
self.hostname = "unknown"
def primary(self, key, values):
self.hostname =
def secondary(self, key, values):
key = self.hostname
self.hostname = "unknown"
for value in values:
yield key, value
def mapper2(key, value):
yield key, 1
def reducer2(key, values):
yield key, sum(values)
def runner(job):
multimapper = dumbo.MultiMapper()
multimapper.add("hostnames", primary(mapper1))
multimapper.add("logs", secondary(mapper1))
job.additer(multimapper, Reducer1)
job.additer(mapper2, reducer2, combiner=reducer2)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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