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preserve order of option values (fixes #57)

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Klaas Bosteels
Klaas Bosteels committed Jul 3, 2012
1 parent 1123dcc commit 9937c92a023f8ac43890cd295a472016d9138338
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@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ class Options(object):
Class that represents a set of options. A key can hold
more than one value and keys are stored in lowercase.
+ The order of the values is preserved per key.
def __init__(self, seq=None, **kwargs):
@@ -92,15 +93,24 @@ def __init__(self, seq=None, **kwargs):
- seq: a list of (key, value) pairs
- self._opts = defaultdict(set)
+ self._opts = defaultdict(list) # not sets since order is important
options = seq or []
for k, v in kwargs.iteritems():
self.add(k, v)
for k, v in options:
self.add(k, v)
def add(self, key, value):
- self._opts[key].add(value)
+ optlist = self._opts[key]
+ try:
+ optlist.remove(value)
+ except ValueError:
+ pass # ignore "not in list" error
+ optlist.append(value)
+ def update(self, key, values):
+ for value in values:
+ self.add(key, value)
def get(self, key):
if key not in self._opts:
@@ -116,7 +126,7 @@ def __delitem__(self, key):
def __iadd__(self, opts):
if isinstance(opts, Options):
for k, vs in opts._opts.items():
- self._opts[k].update(vs)
+ self.update(k, vs)
return self
elif isinstance(opts, (list, tuple, set)):
for k, v in opts:
@@ -142,10 +152,10 @@ def filter(self, keys):
def allopts(self):
"""Return a list with all the options in the form of (key, value)"""
- return [(k, v) for k, vs in self._opts.items() for v in sorted(vs)]
+ return [(k, v) for k, vs in self._opts.items() for v in vs]
def to_dict(self):
- return dict((k, list(sorted(vs))) for k, vs in self._opts.items())
+ return dict((k, list(vs)) for k, vs in self._opts.items())
def __str__(self):
ps = self.allopts()

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