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addpath broken under hadoop-0.21.0 #20

jso opened this Issue · 1 comment

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jso commented

When I run any dumbo script (I have release-0.21.28) with "-addpath yes" in the arguments, my map jobs fail with the following error: "KeyError: 'map_input_file'"

It appears that the environment variable map_input_file is no longer used in hadoop 0.21.0, and has been replaced with mapreduce_map_input_file.

This diagnosis is supported by a comment on HADOOP-5973 ( that mentions that map.input.file is only available in the older (deprecated) version of the MapReduce API in Hadoop 0.20.0.

I was able to make it work by replacing all instances of "map_input_file" with "mapreduce_map_input_file" in dumbo/, but perhaps a longer-term solution would be to check both variables to see which one exists.


fix incompatibilities with hadoop 0.20 (closed by d143163)

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