Buildout wrapper script swallows exceptions raised by starter #31

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If your starter dies, its exit code is parsed out of the os.waitpid() call in, then passed back via, and

If you're running dumbo from the entry script generated by easy_install, all is fine, as it captures the return value of the entry point ( and passes this to sys.exit().

But if you're using the wrapper generated by buildout, this return code is ignored, because of this issue:

... meaning that your dumbo task as a whole still exits with 0, despite the exception in your starter.

I know this isn't really a bug in dumbo, but since dumbo is distributed via buildout, I thought it worth reporting. One workaround would be to add a line like this to

if retval != 0:
    raise RuntimeError('%s command died with code %d') % (sys.argv[1], retval)

Arguably this is a more pythonic way to communicate an error condition than passing integers around anyway.

PS Thanks for fixing those last ones so quickly, Klaas :-)


use new 'execute_and_exit()' function as entry point for 'dumbo' console script to avoid buildout bug (closed by 76c7c9b)

@dangra dangra pushed a commit to dangra/dumbo that referenced this issue Apr 21, 2011
Klaas Bosteels use new 'execute_and_exit()' function as entry point for 'dumbo' cons…
…ole script to avoid buildout bug (fixes GH-31)
This issue was closed.
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