Fix #62 Added path as key[0] for MultiMapper #63

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Please check the fix. Please note that there is small incompatibility with previous versions, i.e. if somebody uses keys in multimappers, however this is very rare. Now a developer will have access to filepaths and should implicitly ignore them if he os she wants...

Mikhail Shevelev Fix #62 Added path as key[0] for MultiMapper
Note: for all mapper added into MultiMapper input key is a tuple
with key[0] equal to pathname. This works regardless of "addpath" option.

Using the keys in multimappers is not that rare actually. Not keen on introducing this backwards-incompatibility to be honest. There must be a better way of fixing this...

klbostee commented Sep 5, 2013

So going to close this pull requests as it's probably a bad idea to introduce this backwards incompatibility. I'm open to alternative solutions though.

@klbostee klbostee closed this Sep 5, 2013
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