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This is a Star Wars characters guessing game built in React and server side rendered
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Star Wars Guess Who Game

Guess the random character and see how high you can get your streak of correct guesses.

This is a React app that challenges the user to guess the name of random Star Wars characters. For a snappy initial load, the app gets server-side rendered with the first random character. The app keeps track of the user's streak of correct guesses, and should the user desire they can sign up for an account to keep track of their current streak.

User can:

  • Play the game and try to select the name of the character displayed in the random image
  • Sign up for an account to save their streak score

Tech Highlights:

  • Used AWS Lambda running Node to server-side render the initial load of the app
  • Used AWS Lambda running Node to handle authentication with JWTs
  • Used React for rendering the UI and managing app state
  • Used AWS RDS running PostgreSQL to persist the user's streak if they choose to sign up

Visit the site!

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