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This is a modified version version of uClibc for KLEE. Please see README for information about uClibc.

To build uClibc for KLEE:

  1. Make sure llvm-config is in your PATH (or set using --with-llvm-config). The LLVM version used by llvm-config should match the LLVM version used by the C LLVM Bitcode compiler you intend to use in step 2.

  2. Make sure you have one of the following C LLVM compilers

  • clang built in the LLVM tool directory (llvm-config --bindir)
  • clang in your PATH

The C compiler to be used will be looked for in the above order with the first working compiler to be used.

Note you can also force a particular C compiler by using the CC environment variable or by using --with-cc with the configure script.

  1. Run the configure script.

    $ ./configure --make-llvm-lib

    To see all options run

    $ ./configure --help

  2. By default a uClibc pre built .config file will be added to the uClibc root directory by the configure script. This is done to make compilation easier for users. However the --disable-prebuilt-config flag can be used to prevent a .config file being added. If you wish to create your own .config you can do so by running make menuconfig or make config after running the configure script.

  3. Compile

    $ make

    You can also add optional flags by running adding KLEE_CFLAGS=... to the end of the make line above. In particular, to compile printf, which is excluded by default, use:


    To compile in optimized mode use the --enable-release flag. Warning things might break if you do this.