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CMake build system

KLEE now has a CMake build system which is intended to replace its autoconf/Makefile based build system.

Useful top level targets

  • check - Build and run all tests.
  • clean - Invoke CMake's built-in target to clean the build tree. Note this won't invoke the clean_* targets. It is advised that the clean_all target is used instead.
  • clean_all - Run all clean targets.
  • clean_doxygen - Clean doxygen build tree.
  • clean_runtime - Clean the runtime build tree.
  • docs - Build documentation
  • edit_cache - Show cmake/ccmake/cmake-gui interface for chaning configure options.
  • help - Show list of top level targets
  • systemtests - Run system tests
  • unittests - Build and run unittests

Useful CMake variables

These can be set by passing -DVAR_NAME=VALUE to the CMake invocation.


cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release /path/to/klee/src
  • LLVMCC (STRING) - Path to the LLVM C compiler (e.g. Clang).

  • LLVMCXX (STRING) - Path to the LLVM C++ compiler (e.g. Clang++).

  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE (STRING) - Build type for KLEE. Can be Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo or MinSizeRel.

  • DOWNLOAD_LLVM_TESTING_TOOLS (BOOLEAN) - Force downloading of LLVM testing tool sources.

  • ENABLE_DOCS (BOOLEAN) - Enable building documentation.

  • ENABLE_DOXYGEN (BOOLEAN) - Enable building doxygen documentation.

  • ENABLE_SYSTEM_TESTS (BOOLEAN) - Enable KLEE system tests.

  • ENABLE_KLEE_ASSERTS (BOOLEAN) - Enable assertions when building KLEE.

  • ENABLE_KLEE_UCLIBC (BOOLEAN) - Enable support for klee-uclibc.


  • ENABLE_SOLVER_METASMT (BOOLEAN) - Enable MetaSMT solver support.

  • ENABLE_SOLVER_STP (BOOLEAN) - Enable STP solver support.

  • ENABLE_SOLVER_Z3 (BOOLEAN) - Enable Z3 solver support.

  • ENABLE_TCMALLOC (BOOLEAN) - Enable TCMalloc support.

  • ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS (BOOLEAN) - Enable KLEE unit tests.

  • ENABLE_ZLIB (BOOLEAN) - Enable zlib support.

  • GTEST_SRC_DIR (STRING) - Path to GTest source tree.

  • GTEST_INCLUDE_DIR (STRING) - Path to GTest include directory, if it is not under GTEST_SRC_DIR.

  • KLEE_ENABLE_TIMESTAMP (BOOLEAN) - Enable timestamps in KLEE sources.

  • KLEE_UCLIBC_PATH (STRING) - Path to klee-uclibc root directory.

  • KLEE_RUNTIME_BUILD_TYPE (STRING) - Build type for KLEE's runtimes. Can be Release, Release+Asserts, Debug or Debug+Asserts.

  • LIT_TOOL (STRING) - Path to lit testing tool.

  • LIT_ARGS (STRING) - Semi-colon separated list of lit options.

  • LLVM_CONFIG_BINARY (STRING) - Path to llvm-config binary. This is only relevant if USE_CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_LLVM is FALSE. This is used to detect the LLVM version and find libraries.

  • MAKE_BINARY (STRING) - Path to make binary used to build KLEE's runtime.

  • metaSMT_DIR (STRING) - Provides a hint to CMake, where the metaSMT constraint solver can be found. This should be an absolute path to a directory containing the file metaSMTConfig.cmake.

  • STP_DIR (STRING) - Provides a hint to CMake, where the STP constraint solver can be found. This should be an absolute path to a directory containing the file STPConfig.cmake. This file is installed by STP but also exists in its build directory. This allows KLEE to link against STP in a build directory or an installed copy.


  • WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS (BOOLEAN) - Treat warnings as errors when building KLEE.