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KLEE 1.0.0

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@ccadar ccadar released this 10 Aug 13:35
· 1484 commits to master since this release

First official release for KLEE.

Recent changes (from 2015)

  • Several performance improvements to the counterexample cache, including changing some default behaviour (Eric Rizzi, @holycrap872)
  • Computing coverage of KLEE code in Travis CI (Timotej Kapus, @kren1)
  • Added an option --readable-posix-inputs which is used to turn on/off the CEX preferences added in the POSIX model (Eric Rizzi, @holycrap872; Cristian Cadar, @ccadar)
  • Lots of improvements to the build process (Dan Liew, @delcypher)
  • Added klee-clang as alternative to klee-gcc (Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack)
  • Added Dockerfile for building a KLEE Docker image (Dan Liew, @delcypher)
  • Added a new option, --rewrite-equalities, which makes it possible to disable the optimisation that rewrites existing constraints when an equality with a constant is added (Cristian Cadar, @ccadar)
  • Cleaner, more efficient timestamps (Emil Rakadjiev, @erakadjiev)
  • Improved integer overflow detection (Luca Dariz, @luckyluke)