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KLEE 1.1.0

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@ccadar ccadar released this 13 Nov 12:57

KLEE 1.1.0, 13 November 2015

  • Made LLVM 3.4 and STP 2.1.0 the recommended versions for installing KLEE (Cristian Cadar, @ccadar; Dan Liew, @delcypher; Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack; Mate Soos, @msoos)
  • Added instructions for using the Docker images (Dan Liew, @delcypher)
  • Added NEWS file to keep track of changes for each release (Cristian Cadar, @ccadar)
  • Added coverage information for the current KLEE codebase (Timotej Kapus, @kren1)
  • Added -entry-point=FOO option, where FOO is the name of the function to use as the entry point for execution (Riccardo Schirone, @ret2libc)
  • Switched STP to v2.1.0 (instead of the old r940) in TravisCI (Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack)
  • Improved Dockerfiles to use specific dependency versions (Dan Liew, @delcypher)
  • Bug fix: Fixed signed division by constant 1/-1 (Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack, reported by Timotej Kapus, @kren1)
  • Bug fix: Generate SRrem expressions correctly (Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack, reported by Timotej Kapus, @kren1)
  • Bug fix: Allowed the generation of initial values for queries with empty constraint set (Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack)
  • Bug fix: Fixed assertion failure in getDirectCallTarget (Sean Bartell, @yotann)
  • Bug fix/test improvement: Use a temporary directory instead of /tmp in futimesat test (Andrew Chi, @andrewchi)
  • Various fixes and improvements to the website (Eric Rizzi, @holycrap872; Martin Nowack, @MartinNowack; Bheesham Persaud, @bheesham; Gu Zhengxiong, @NoviceLive; Cristian Cadar, @ccadar)