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KLEE 2.1

@ccadar ccadar released this
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KLEE 2.1, 3 March 2020

Incorporating changes from 20 March 2019 to 3 March 2020.
Maintainers during this time span: @ccadar and @MartinNowack
Documentation at

Major features

LLVM support

  • Added support for LLVM 9 and 10 (@jbuening)
  • Removed support for LLVM <3.8 (@jbuening)
  • KLEE 2.1 will be the last version with support for LLVM <6

Options, scripts and KLEE intrinsics added, changed or removed

  • Replaced intrinsic klee_alias_function("foo", "bar") with option -function-alias=foo:bar, which supports regular expressions (@jbuening, @SolalPirelli)
  • Removed -max-instruction-time (@251)
  • Added -timer-interval (default 1s) to specify the minimum interval to check timers (@251)
  • Added nurs:rp searcher which uses non-uniform random search with 1/2^depth (@kren1)
  • Replaced the behavior of the nurs:depth searcher to use NURS with depth (@kren1)
  • klee-stats: new --grafana option (see above)
  • klee-stats: new --to-csv option for converting statistics to the CSV format (@251)
  • klee-stats: removed --sample-interval, --sort-by, --compare-by, --precision. These can be now simulated by querying the SQL database directly (@kren1)
  • klee-replay: added --keep-replay-dir option to keep the replay directory (@ccadar)

Other changes