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KLEE 2.2

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@ccadar ccadar released this 07 Dec 15:06

KLEE 2.2 on 7 December 2020

Incorporating changes from 4 March 2020 to 7 December 2020.
Maintainers during this time span: @ccadar and @MartinNowack
Documentation at

Major features

  • Added support for C++ exceptions (@corrodedHash, @futile, @jbuening)
  • Correctly copy variadic arguments with byval attribute (@ccadar)
  • Modified the random path searcher to work on a subset of states (@kren1)
  • Added state IDs to improve determinism (@251)
  • Overhauled the (Travis CI) build scripts (@MartinNowack)
  • Restructured header files (@ccadar)

LLVM support

  • Current recommended version is LLVM 9
  • Added support for LLVM 11 (@lzaoral)
  • We have decided to extend support for LLVM 3.8 to 5, but KLEE 2.2 will be the last version with support for LLVM <6

Options, scripts and KLEE intrinsics added, changed or removed

  • Changed --debug-print-instructions to also print state IDs (@251)
  • Added -rng-initial-seed to set the seed for KLEE's random number generator (@251)
  • Added klee_is_replay intrinsic which returns whether the code is being executed symbolically or in replay mode (@alastairreid)
  • Added --compress-process-tree to remove intermediate nodes in the process tree when possible (@sebastianpoeplau)
  • Added klee-zesti, a ZESTI-like wrapper (@kren1)
  • Added --table-format=readable-csv/csv to klee-stats (@251)

Other changes

  • Fixed GlobalAlias initialization (@jbuening)
  • Enforced fork/branch limits in branch() and fix double termination (@251)
  • Enhanced POSIX runtime in the case where a symbolic file is given as an absolute path, i.e. /current/work/dir/A (@kren1)
  • Named jobs in Travis CI for better visualization of results (@ccadar)
  • Fixes and improvements in the statistics code including klee-stats (@251)
  • Added a simple model for GET/SET_LK (@kren1)
  • Fixed bug in the handling of vectorized code (@Warfley)
  • Fixed bug in the handling of STP array names (@MartinNowack)
  • Fixed bug in Z3Solver::getConstraintLog (@daniel-grumberg)
  • Added support for reading strings from the middle of objects in readStringAtAddress (@mchalupa)
  • Disabled asm lifting for memory fences with return values (@MartinNowack)
  • Fixed bug when the search requires MD2U (@adrianherrera)
  • Added support for fshr/fshl intrinsics (@alastairreid)
  • Refactored the constraint manager (@MartinNowack)
  • Changed DiscretePDF to use IDs instead of pointers to remove nondeterminism (@251)
  • Added a more robust handling of unknown intrinsics: if an unknown intrinsic is encountered on a path, that path is terminated but the others can proceed (@alastairreid)
  • Fixed PTree::remove to clean the tree properly (@sebastianpoeplau)
  • Added support for multiple symbolic files to gen-bout (@kren1)
  • Added a PR template, with a checklist documenting the most frequent issues we have encountered (@ccadar)
  • Fixed the behaviour of klee-stats for broken or empty DBs (@251)
  • Added support for klee_open_merge and klee_close_merge in replay (@ccadar)
  • Fixed the handling of global variables while validating direct call targets (@MartinNowack)
  • Fixed the handling of the fabs intrinsic (@dlaprell)
  • Added support for the fneg instruction (@jbuening)
  • Removed incompatibility between merging and the random path search (@251)
  • Fixed the behaviour of klee-libc to call the functions in __cxa_atexit in reverse order (@tomsik68)
  • Fixed the behaviour of bcmp in klee-libc (@alastairreid)
  • Added support for multi-version bitcode libraries (@MartinNowack)
  • Added support for several fortified functions, -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE (@ccadar)
  • Modernize ref<> and isa<> nullptr checks (@jbuening)
  • Switched CI from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (@MartinNowack, with thanks to @jordr)
  • Smaller refactorings, fixes and improvements, test cases, maintenance, comments, web version, website, etc. (@251, @adrianherrera, @alastairreid, @andrewvaughanj, @andronat, @arrowd, @ccadar, @dependabot, @i-ky, @jbuening, @jiseongg, @jordr, @kren1, @lahiri-phdworks, @MartinNowack, @yxliang01)