R package to visualize geoelectric resistivity measurement profiles.
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R package to visualize geoelectric resistivity measurement profiles.

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Electrical resistivity tomography is an efficient geophysical technique to investigate the spatial extent of subsurface structures. Many scientific objectives in geology demand three-dimensional imaging. 3D electrical resistivity tomography provides a technique to survey three-dimensional structures. Nonetheless, 3D electrical resistivity tomography requires an enormous amount of time as well as a high work load. In most cases, 2D electrical resistivity tomography is used to obtain two-dimensional subsurface profiles. This R package enables the user to visualize two-dimensional profiles in three dimensions.

Example plot created with the geoelectrics R package Example plot created with the geoelectrics R package.



The following prerequisites are necessary for the geoelectrics R package:

Build from Source Code

You need to install the devtools package to build the geoelectrics package from source code:


Perform ONE of the following steps to build the geoelectrics package:

  • Install the package from GitHub via install_github('kleebaum/geoelectrics')
  • Clone the source code, navigate to the geoelectrics folder, open R in a terminal/RStudio and type build()

Installation from CRAN

The geoelectrics package is available via the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).


Domain Model

The domain model shows the fundamental classes involved in electrical resistivity tomography. A 2D subsurface profile comprises GPS coordinates (latitudinal, longitudinal, and height information) and raw data. The raw data is collected using a certain type of measurement (e.g., Dipole Dipole or Wenner). The raw data needs to be processed resulting in processed data. A profile set comprises 2D profiles.

Domain model as a UML class diagram Domain model for electrical resistivity tomography

Implementation Details

The geoelectrics R package provides five model classes to represent geolectric resistivity measurement data:

UML class diagram Class diagram of the geoelectrics R package



Run demo(geoelectrics) to get an impression of the geoelectrics R package and have a look at the demo script.

Run data(sinkhole) to load the example data.


An object of the Profile class is created for each profile:

p1 <- new(
  title = 'Profile 1',
  processedData =
        address = system.file('extdata/processed/p1_DipolDipol_SW-NE.xyz',
                  package = 'geoelectrics')),
  rawData =
        address = system.file('extdata/raw/p1_DipolDipol_SW-NE.dat', 
                  package = 'geoelectrics')),
  measurementType = 'DipoleDipole',
  gpsCoordinates =
        address = system.file('extdata/gps/p1.txt', package = 'geoelectrics'))

Profile Set

An instance of the ProfileSet class is created using a list of single profiles.

sinkhole <- new('ProfileSet',
                profiles = list(p1, p2, p3),

Adjust Profile Height

GPS measurement heights might differ. Therefore, the height of a single profile can be adjusted.

p3 <- adjustHeight(p3, -10)

Plotting Methods

Run data(sinkhole) to load the example data.

  • plot3d(sinkhole)
  • plotLegend(sinkhole)
  • plotIntersect(sinkhole)
  • plot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'raw', withTopo = FALSE)
  • plot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'raw', withTopo = TRUE)
  • plot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'processed', withTopo = FALSE)
  • plot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'processed', withTopo = TRUE)
  • levelplot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'raw')
  • levelplot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'processed', withTopo = FALSE)
  • levelplot(sinkhole@profiles[[1]], dataType = 'processed', withTopo = TRUE)

Parse Geoelectrics Text Files

Parse a .xyz file produced by the software Res2DInv:

parseProcessedDataFile(address = system.file('extdata/processed/p1_DipolDipol_SW-NE.xyz',
                                 package = 'geoelectrics'))

Parse a raw data file created by the GeoTest software by Dr. Rauen:

parseRawDataFile(address = system.file('extdata/raw/p1_DipolDipol_SW-NE.dat',
                           package = 'geoelectrics'))

Graphical User Interface

This R package provides a graphical user interface (GUI).

GUI Graphical user interface of the geoelectrics R package

The following packages are needed for the GUI:

Perform ONE of the following steps to start the GUI:

  • open R in a terminal and type source(system.file('gui/gui.r', package='geoelectrics'))
  • navigate into the gui folder and execute start_gui.sh (Unix) or start_gui.bat (Windows, make sure that R is added to the PATH variable)

Geoelectric Inversion

The inversion of two-dimensional geoelectrical resistivity measurement data (raw data) is currently not supported by this package. Please feel free to implement the inversion and create a pull request.