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Key Features & Highlights of Kleeja

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Key Features & Highlights

  • Multi-lingual.
  • Plugins system (download, install and update from admin panel)
  • Auto Update system (from admin panel)
  • User-friendly interface with multiple file fields.
  • Advanced file types management system.
  • Limited upload space.
  • Google Analytics support.
  • User integration (vbulletin, phpBB, etc..) through plugins.
  • Watermark on images.
  • Generate Image Thumbnails.
  • Report-abuse system.
  • Advanced contact system.
  • Cache system.
  • User Registration control (on/off).
  • Maintenance mode with a custom message.
  • UTF8 encoding.
  • Adjustable waiting period for downloading.
  • Mass banning system.
  • Multiple Admins (Admin or Founders).
  • Total repair system (caching, counters re-calibrating)
  • Filenames manipulation (by “time”, “MD5 encryption” or a custom prefix)
  • Advanced Admin Dashboard.
  • Custom terms of service.
  • File deletion URL.
  • Spams & Flood Protection.
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