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@kleekru kleekru released this May 14, 2015 · 5 commits to master since this release

Full release version 0.3.5 Release Notes:

  • Updated loop to prevent delay for pedal presses.
  • Added functionality to use either a "Press and Hold" function for changing chords (press the pedal down to hold a chord, release the pedal to go back to neutral/open position - this was the standard behavior in previous releases), AND a new "Press and Release" option that allows the player to briefly tap or press and release the pedal to move to the next chord.
    USER NOTES: There is a shorter timer of 15 seconds that helps preserve the life of the servos if the player inadvertently leaves a chord engaged. After 15 seconds, the power will shut off to the servos but the servos will stay in place... however, since the servos may not press with full force, some notes may become muted. In most cases, it will be rare to hold a single chord for longer than 15 seconds, however, there can be songs that require a longer hold time. If so, the best way to enter a song is to create multiple instance of the same chord in a row (Repeat the same chord every few measure for example) and be prepared to press the pedal again.

New menu option:

New Dialog with "Press and Hold" or "Press and Release" options. The option you choose will be saved in properties for the next time you launch the application:

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