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Domino JNA for XPages

@klehmann klehmann released this
· 364 commits to master since this release
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133 commits since last release.

Here are a some highlights:

  • New method to read item definition table of a database be798a6
  • Added function to get the template db path by the template name 758b545
  • Support for profile note reading and writing b128f3a
  • Added API to export mails as EML files on client and server c99c043
  • Added API to read client and server statistics 5d00159 965d6ec 8d261fb
  • Tested in Notes/Domino 11 beta 1 8cc2762
  • Added method to harvest DB design for DQL speedup 8f28e9d 739bb82
  • DQL query builder updated for new Domino 11 "contains" terms (FT search) 96713a5
  • New method to send server console commands f979ffc
  • Improved richtext to HTML conversion sample to extract files as well ce25eea f94bb94 3bcd2b8
  • Added convenience functions NotesDatabase.toUnid / toNoteId 74584ec
  • Added NotesDatabase.getAllCollections() to read infos about all views ab502a7 e2e32b2
  • NotesTimeDate.toString method with date/time/timezone formatting options da43450 58a1917
  • Added NotesIntlFormat argument to NotesTimeDate.fromString 49b9b7b
  • Added setter to change timezone of NotesTimeDate 51d01e4
  • New methods to read ACL entries and all ACL roles e5eb586
  • New methods in NotesCollection to read view design properties, e.g. .isConflict(), .isCollapsed(), isGotoTopOnOpen() etc. 67225d2
  • Added method to check if $file item belongs to a TYPE_MIME_PART item a9317a7
  • Added method NotesItem.copyToNote() with parameter to rename the item 95c99af
  • Added check method to large summary buffer support on DB 5a92a2b
  • Added checks for ERR 1028 when openings docs to return null if not found 5ff301c 4539f0f 24e1da6 d96e909
  • Improved reading of data below view categories 80bc561
  • Added method to convert RFC822 items to native Domino format b8b2a14
  • NotesDatabase.openMailDatabase(), hasFullAccess() and runWithDbLock() d807dea
  • Changed flag to find view in design, did not find all available views 2278f8f
  • Flags to update note without triggering replication (used by replicator) 5255f3f
  • Added experimental code to set sequence number and time e6680b2
  • Added more HTML conversion options 4000c09 9988b6d
  • More FTSearch options for NotesDatabase searches (e.g. get result sorted by created/modified/score) bc483bd e358708
  • Additional methods to write Notes.ini variables (e.g. OSGI_HTTP_DYNAMIC_BUNDLES) e2d0e8b
  • Added getter to read TIMEDATE value from Notes.ini with testcase 3650d8e
  • NotesCollection column title/name no longer converted to lowercase bacdf50
  • removed ICU4J dependency, now using undocumented method OSTranslate32 to translate between LMBCS and Java strings with support for long texts (length > WORD size that OSTranslate supports) e39ad13
  • Performance optimizations, fixed memory handle leaks