An Emacs minor-mode to display the locations of markers in the mark-ring.
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visual-mark-ring-mode, v0.1

An Emacs minor-mode to display the locations of markers on the mark-ring.

The mark-ring is a list of former marks of the current buffer. It allows the user to quickly jump to previously visited locations. This minor-mode displays the target locations of these jumps directly in the buffer, as soon as the user initiates the first jump by typing


Screenshot of visual-mark-ring-mode

How to use

Add the following lines to your ~/.emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/file")
(autoload 'visual-mark-ring-mode "visual-mark-ring-mode"
  "Displays the position of marks in the mark-ring" t)

where you replace /path/to/file with the absolute path to the directory where you saved this file.

Restart Emacs.

Now you can activate the mode in a specific buffer by typing

M-x visual-mark-ring-mode

in that buffer.