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remove "create" from RESTful POST request

The /post/create URI is incorrect as the whole point of RESTful services is to not set a state:

GET    - Read
POST   - Create
PUT    - Update
DELETE - Delete
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1 parent ad3ddd6 commit 4bc4cd7a01b1a7fac021714717ce77ae9435c021 Luke Steadman committed Jan 3, 2014
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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ $klein->respond('/[:name]', function ($request) {
$klein->respond('GET', '/posts', $callback);
-$klein->respond('POST', '/posts/create', $callback);
+$klein->respond('POST', '/posts', $callback);
$klein->respond('PUT', '/posts/[i:id]', $callback);
$klein->respond('DELETE', '/posts/[i:id]', $callback);
$klein->respond('OPTIONS', null, $callback);

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