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Create a route with respond($method, $route, $callback) or respond($route, $callback) where callback is function ($request, $response)

Below is a list of the public methods in the common classes you will most likely use.

For a more formal source of class/method documentation, please see the PHPdoc generated documentation.

$request methods:

Method Description
    header($key)                        |Gets a request header
    cookie($key)                        |Gets a cookie from the request
    session($key)                       |Gets a session variable
    param($key, $default = null)        |Gets a request parameter (get, post, named)
    params()                            |Return all parameters
    params($mask = null)                |Return all parameters that match the mask array - extract() friendly
    validate($param, $err_msg = null)   |Starts a validator chain
    method()                            |Gets the request method
    method($method)                     |Checks if the request method is $method, i.e. method('post') => true
    isSecure($required = false)         |https? Redirect if $required is true and the request is not secure
    id()                                |Gets a unique ID for the request
    ip()                                |Get the request IP
    userAgent()                         |Get the request user agent
    uri()                               |Get the request URI
    <property>                          |Gets a request parameter

$response methods:

Method Description
    header($key, $value = null)                     |Sets a response header
    cookie($key, $value = null, $expiry = null)     |Sets a cookie
    cookie($key, null)                              |Removes a cookie
    flash($msg, $type = 'info', $params = array()   |Sets a flash message
    file($file, $filename = null)                   |Send a file
    json($object, $callback = null)                 |Send an object as JSON(p)
    markdown($str, $args, ...)                      |Return a string formatted with markdown
    code($code)                                     |Sends an HTTP response code
    redirect($url, $code = 302)                     |Redirect to the specified URL
    refresh()                                       |Redirect to the current URL
    back()                                          |Redirect to the referer
    render($view, $data = array())                  |Renders a view or partial (NOTE: in the scope of $response)
    layout($layout)                                 |Sets the view layout
    yield()                                         |Call inside the layout to render the view content
    onError($callback)                              |$callback takes ($response, $msg, $err_type = null)
    set($key, $value = null)<br>        set($arr)                        |Set a view property or helper
    escape($str)                                    |Escapes a string
    query($key, $value = null)<br> query($arr) |Modify the current query string
    param($param, $default = null)                  |Gets an escaped request parameter
    flashes($type = null)                           |Retrieves and clears all flashes of $type (or all flash messages)
    flush()                                         |Flush all open output buffers
    discard()                                       |Discard all open output buffers
    buffer()                                        |Return the contents of the output buffer as a string
    dump($obj)                                      |Dump an object
    chunk($str = null)                              |Enable response chunking (see the wiki)
    &lt;callback>($arg1, ...)                          |Calls a user-defined helper
    &lt;property>                                      |Gets a user-defined property

$validator methods

Method Description
    notNull()                           |The string must not be null
    isLen($length)                      |The string must be the exact length
    isLen($min, $max)                   |The string must be between $min and $max length (inclusive)
    isInt()                             |Checks for a valid integer
    isFloat()                           |Checks for a valid float/decimal
    isEmail()                           |Checks for a valid email
    isUrl()                             |Checks for a valid URL
    isIp()                              |Checks for a valid IP
    isAlpha()                           |Checks for a-z (case insensitive)
    isAlnum()                           |Checks for alphanumeric characters
    contains($needle)                   |Checks if the string contains $needle
    isChars($chars)                     |Validates against a character list
    isRegex($pattern, $modifiers = '') <br>notRegex($pattern, $modifiers ='') |Validates against a regular expression        
    is&lt;Validator>()                     |Validate against a custom validator
    not&lt;Validator>()                    |The validator can't match
    &lt;Validator>()                       |Alias for is<Validator>()