This is the git repository for development of Psychtoolbox-3. Regular end users should stay away from it, unless instructed by us otherwise, and use our regular distribution system for production releases.
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This is the main Git repository for development of Psychtoolbox-3.

It is meant for developers or alpha-testers only, not for regular
users! Regular users should follow the download and update instructions
on our Wiki at

The data in this repository, the Psychtoolbox-3 distribution,
is licensed by a mix of various free software and open source
licenses. Most parts are licensed under MIT license, but a few
bits are under other licenses. The file License.txt in the
Psychtoolbox/ subfolder provides some overview. Some folders
and files have individual licenses attached.

Rough structure:

managementtools/ - Contains scripts for management of the project.

PsychSourceGL/   - Contains the C/C++ source code of almost all
                   compiled binary mex files for GNU/Octave and

PsychSourceGL/Cohorts/ - Source code of 3rd party (F)OSS libraries
                         that we use, if required by their licenses,
                         or patches against such libraries, if we
                         had to make modifications that are not yet
                         included in the upstream projects yet.

Psychtoolbox/     - The end-user distribution with all compiled
                    mex files and all M-Files, scripts, GLSL shaders
                    etc. This is what gets downloaded by end-users by