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recipes re-scraped: add brew log HTML Dec 21, 2018

Brewtoad scraper

This is a Julia script to scrape a users brewtoad account. Currently downloads

  1. HTML for each recipe page
  2. BeerXML for each recipe
  3. Brew logs for each recipe (under brewlogs/ in the recipe dir)


  • Your Brewtoad user id (the number after "users/" in your profile URL).
  • Julia 1.0 or later
  • Required packages are specifed in the Project.toml file. Install them by instantiating the environment (as shown below)

To run

$ cd brewtoad-scrape

# install dependencies:
$ julia -e 'using Pkg; pkg"activate .; instantiate"'

$ julia --project=. scrape.jl <brewtoad-user-id>


I wrote this before I found Cascadia.jl, which sould seriously streamline the selector/querying parts.

At some point brewtoad started returning 403: Forbidden responses to requests from HTTP.jl (even with User-Agent set to something sensible), while still serving pages normally for both a private browser window and curl. So I replaced all the HTTP.request("GET", uri) with String(read(`curl $uri`) because I was too lazy to figure out what was really going wrong.

Scraped data

This repository also contains my own scraped data in /recipes