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NetVips benchmarks

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the performance of the NetVips library compared to other image processing libraries on .NET.

Be sure to check out the official benchmarks page: VIPS - Speed and Memory Use for complete demonstration of performance and memory usage characteristics of VIPS library.


Run on 23/04/18 with libvips 8.6.3, ImageMagick Q8 Beta and ImageSharp 1.0.0-beta0003.

BenchmarkDotNet=v0.10.14, OS=Windows 10.0.16299.371 (1709/FallCreatorsUpdate/Redstone3)
Intel Core i5-8600K CPU 3.60GHz (Coffee Lake), 1 CPU, 6 logical and 6 physical cores
Frequency=3515626 Hz, Resolution=284.4444 ns, Timer=TSC
.NET Core SDK=2.1.104
  [Host]     : .NET Core 2.0.6 (CoreCLR 4.6.26212.01, CoreFX 4.6.26212.01), 64bit RyuJIT
  Job-GMSODR : .NET Core 2.0.6 (CoreCLR 4.6.26212.01, CoreFX 4.6.26212.01), 64bit RyuJIT

Toolchain=.NET Core 2.0.6
Method input output Mean Error StdDev Scaled ScaledSD
NetVips t.jpg t2.jpg 52.02 ms 0.4218 ms 0.3945 ms 1.00 0.00
Magick.NET t.jpg t2.jpg 366.68 ms 2.9389 ms 2.7490 ms 7.05 0.07
ImageSharp¹ t.jpg t2.jpg 215.86 ms 0.5902 ms 0.5521 ms 4.15 0.03
NetVips t.tif t2.tif 38.24 ms 0.7550 ms 1.3613 ms 1.00 0.00
Magick.NET t.tif t2.tif 350.72 ms 1.0981 ms 0.9169 ms 9.18 0.32

¹ ImageSharp does not have TIFF support, so I only tested with JPEG files.

Performance test design

The project contains a Benchmark.cs file with specific scripts using various libraries available on .NET.

Each script is coded to execute the same scenario (see Scenario section).

See "Do it yourself" section for how to run benchmark scenario.


Test scenario was taken from Speed and Memory use page from libvips Home page.

Do it yourself

git clone

cd net-vips/tests/NetVips.Benchmarks

dotnet run -c Release