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Muffin is a fast, simple and asyncronous web-framework for Python 3

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Muffin -- is a fast, lightweight and asyncronous ASGI web-framework for Python 3.

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Docs are available at Pull requests with documentation enhancements and/or fixes are awesome and most welcome.

We recommend using the latest version of Python. The library supports Python 3.8 and newer (PyPy-3.9+ are supported too).

Muffin should be installed using pip:

pip install muffin

The command will install minimal configuration.

To install Muffin with gunicorn, uvicorn, uvloop, httptools use the command:

$ pip install muffin[standard]

These distributions will be installed automatically when installing Muffin.

Example "Hello User" with the Muffin:

import muffin

app = muffin.Application()

@app.route('/', '/hello/{name}')
async def hello(request):
    name = request.path_params.get('name', 'world')
    return f'Hello {name.title()}!'

What did that code do?

  1. First we imported the muffin.Application class. An instance of this class will be our application.
  2. Next we create an instance of this class.
  3. We then use the muffin.Application.route decorator to tell Muffin what URLs should trigger our handler function.
  4. The function returns the message we want to display in the user's browser.

Save the script as and run it using Uvicorn (or another ASGI server):

$ uvicorn example:app

Open http://localhost:8000, http://localhost:8000/hello/username in your browser. Enjoy!

The list of some Muffin plugins (please make PR if you want to provide more):

Jinja2 templates (asyncio/trio/curio)

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Signed Cookie-Based HTTP sessions (asyncio/trio/curio)

Tests Status PYPI Version

Work with OAuth (authorization, resources loading) (asyncio/trio/curio)

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Sentry integration (asyncio/trio/curio)

Tests Status PYPI Version

Peewee support (SQL, ORM) (asyncio/trio/curio)

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Localization support (asyncio/trio/curio)

Tests Status PYPI Version

Work with SQL databases (asyncio only)

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Work with Mongo DB (asyncio only)

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The package provides enhanced support for writing REST APIs (asyncio/trio/curio)

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Redis support

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Automatically build Admin UI

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Prometheus metrics exporter

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You could find some tests here:

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances please report them to the issue tracker at

Development of The Muffin happens at:

Muffin > 0.40 (completelly rewriten from scratch)

Muffin < 0.40 (based on AIOHTTP)

Licensed under a MIT license.