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Command line internet radio player.

Ben Dowling -


  • python 2.6+
  • mplayer


pip install pyradio


$ pyradio -h

usage: [-h] [--stations STATIONS] [--random] [--add] [--list]

Console radio player

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--stations STATIONS, -s STATIONS
                        Path on stations csv file.
--random, -r          Start and play random station.
--add, -a             Add station to list.
--list, -l            List of added stations.


Up/Down/PgUp/PgDown     Change station selection
Enter                   Play selected station
-/+                     Change volume
m                       Mute
r                       Select and play a random station
Space                   Stop/start playing selected station
Esc/q                   Quit
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