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Fix queue

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commit 5cb4de1ba11bc8597e6c5ce14b5125cf852ce0d8 1 parent 11fda20
@klen authored
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  1. +1 −1  autoload/pymode/queue.vim
2  autoload/pymode/queue.vim
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
fun! pymode#queue#Poll() "{{{
py queue.check_task()
- call feedkeys("\<Right>\<Left>", 't')
+ call feedkeys("\<Up>\<Down>", 't')

Is this really supposed to be in here?

It took me about twenty minutes to find out why my vim was sending the cursor up and down every few seconds.

The same here. I had to remove python-mode altogether, this cursor jumping drove me nuts.

@klen Owner
klen added a note

Magic hack for plugin "async" mode. Do you have any ideas for this? GVIM is not have a support of multiprocess and I should use this dirty trick. Another keys maybe?

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endfunction "}}}

3 comments on commit 5cb4de1


2 jamescasbon: Would you like to check last version 0.6.7 and give me some feedback.


works for me, thanks!

Is there a way I can check I have activated the async mode?


In last versions "async mode" always enabled.

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