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Running rake on the original Rakefile throws the error

rake aborted!
/home/joj/workspace/gits/open-baskerville/Rakefile:155: invalid multibyte char (US-ASCII)
/home/joj/workspace/gits/open-baskerville/Rakefile:155: invalid multibyte char (US-ASCII)
/home/joj/workspace/gits/open-baskerville/Rakefile:155: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting keyword_end
    abort "Couldn’t find any version number ta...

(with adapting line numbers) on every line containing char ’.
My system is a GNU/Linux, with LANG=en_GB.utf8.

Signed-off-by: Eric Schrijver <>
( squashing the earlier commit that removed the ’s, it turns out not to be
necessary )

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Welcome to the Open Baskerville project.

Open Baskerville is an open source project to create a digital revival of the famous ‘Baskerville’ typefaces. To be more exact, Open Baskerville is based upon Fry’s Baskerville, a Baskerville derivative created by Isaac Moore, a punchcutter who worked for John Baskerville.

The general information page for this project can be found at:

The issue tracker and message threads can be found at:

The source code repository can be found at:

## About the Font Files ##

The UFO folders contain font source files. These are the files you edit if you want to contribute back to the project. You can not directly install UFO’s on your system—for that you need OTF files. You can generate the OTF files from the UFO either with a font editing program or by running the 'rake' command. Alternatively, you can download pre-built font files from the project website.

FontForge supports UFO natively, as will the upcoming version of Fontlab. For Fontlab 5 you need to install the RoboFab scripting library. The RoboFab site provides detailed instructions:

## License ##

The Open Baskerville font files are dual-licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 (GNU General Public License) and the SIL Open Font License (OFL). See 'COPYING-GPLv3.txt' and 'COPYING-OFL.txt' respectively. There is also a FAQ on the OFL (see 'COPYING-OFL-FAQ.txt').

## Contribute back ##

We welcome contributions! You can check out the issue tracker to see what we are currently working on. We manage contributions through Git, a version control system, and GitHub. If you are new to working with a versioning system, our project website offers an explanation of the process.

## Thanks ##



An open font project to create a revival of Fry’s Baskerville





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