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  • Ubuntu 14.04 or Above
  • Cmake 2.8+
  • gcc for C++11
  • kpsr-core


Building and installing the code

CMake part

git clone
cd kpsr-disruptor
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

This will install the klespydra core in


The cmake has the following options:

  • -DKPSR_WITH_DDS=true for building the DDS testing
  • -DKPSR_WITH_ZMQ=true for building the ZeroMQ testing.

Documentation generation

make doc
moxygen --templates $KLEPSYDRA_HOME/kpsr-core-doc/moxygen/templates --groups --output ./xml

API Documentation

The API is very well documented with examples and tutorials. It is divded into the two offered patterns: Disruptor:

And the eventloop:


© Copyright 2016-2017, Klepsydra Robotics, all rights reserved. Licensed under the terms in

This software and documentation are Copyright 2016 to 2017 Klepsydra Robotics Limited and its licensees. All rights reserved. See license file for full copyright notice and license terms.