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Welcome to the "centralized" contributing guide for all software pertaining to Kleros.


The purpose of this repository is to serve as a living contribution and collaboration guide for all our projects.

Everyone, not just Kleros team members, is welcome to participate in its writing and editing. We are always looking to enhance and improve our processes so we can decentralize justice faster!

Table of Contents

This guide is a compilation of years of experience in the fields of traditional software engineering, and smart contract and financial software auditing. We've broken it down into three parts:

General Workflow Smart Contract Workflow Code Style & Guidelines License & Code of Conduct
General process and standards for writing and pushing software. Smart contract specific security protocols. Stylistic guidelines for our main languages and tools. Our standard license and conduct guidelines.

Referencing This Guide

All of our projects' files should link to this page, but they can also specify their own project specific guidelines in that same file.

{% hint style="info" %} This site is maintained at and hosted at! {% endhint %}

The rules in this guide are meant to be followed as much as possible, but should not override common sense.

The golden rules is that there are no golden rules.

-George Bernard Shaw-

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