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Arbitrator Interface

.. literalinclude:: ../contracts/IArbitrator.sol
    :language: javascript

Dispute Status

There are three statuses that the function disputeStatus can return; Waiting, Appealable and Solved:

  • A dispute is in Waiting state when it arises (gets created, by createDispute function).
  • Is in Appealable state when it got a ruling and the Arbitrator allows to appeal it. When the Arbitrator allows to appeal, it often gives a time period to do so. If a dispute is not appealed within that time, disputeStatus should return Solved.
  • Is in Solved state when it got a ruling and the ruling is final. Note that this doesn't imply rule function on the Arbitrable has been called to enforce (execute) the ruling. It means that the decision on the dispute is final and to be executed.


There are three events to be emitted:

  • DisputeCreation when a dispute gets created by createDispute function.
  • AppealPossible when appealing a dispute becomes possible.
  • AppealDecision when current ruling is appealed.


And seven functions:

  • createDispute should create a dispute with given number of possible _choices for decisions. _extraData is for passing any extra information for any kind of custom handling. While calling createDispute, caller has to pass required arbitration fee, otherwise createDispute should revert. createDispute should be called by an Arbitrable. Lastly, it should emit DisputeCreation event.
  • arbitrationCost should return the arbitration cost that is required to create a dispute, in weis.
  • appeal should appeal a dispute and should require the caller to pass the required appeal fee. appeal should be called by an Arbitrable and should emit the AppealDecision event.
  • appealCost should return the appeal fee that is required to appeal, in weis.
  • appealPeriod should return the time window, in (start, end) format, for appealing a ruling, if known in advance. If not known or appeal is impossible: should return (0, 0).
  • disputeStatus should return the status of dispute; Waiting, Appealable or Solved.
  • currentRuling should return the current ruling of a dispute.