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Klevu JS Library

This is a beta version of Klevu JS Library and we expect some changes to occur, which will also be based on feedback from early adopters like yourselves, so please bear this in mind during testing.

Once you've already completed the above, try some other common customisations here.

If you want to see an example of a number of these modules working together in a single layout, you can try this for yourself here.

Tell us what you think!

Please forward any feedback you may have to your Klevu contact (the person that told you about this programme).


30th September 2019

Updated tutorial structure to separate out 'getting-started' for each framework, components and modules for a more guided on-boarding process.

13th September 2019

Added tutorial for getting started with any other framework, using static HTML, JS and CSS to integrate Klevu JS Library with just a few lines of code.

12th September 2019

Re-structured to have 4x tutorials specific to each framework to get started, then the remainder of the tutorials are platform agnostic.

Plus more tutorials added:

  • filter-collapse
  • filter-option-reorder
  • filter-reorder
  • product-badge
  • product-stoke-label
  • product-VAT-label
  • mobile-sliding-filter
  • custom-pagination

6th September 2019

Added various new tutorials and a Hello World guide for both BigCommerce and Magento 2.

  • product-color-swatches
  • product-quick-view
  • product-quick-view-color-swatches
  • landing-product-add-to-cart
  • landing-quick-view
  • price-slider-filter

24th June 2019

Added a short introduction to take you from nothing to a Shopify store using Klevu Search with our new JavaScript Library Version 2, in around 10-15 minutes. We will then introduce some further examples to help you understand more about the power of Klevu JS Library.

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