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A system was developed using pure Java for a company which can be rolled out a technical support team. It handles customer help tickets.
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The program has three GUI dashboards which will be opened depending on the login access.

The dashboards are and what they are for:

Tech Support Member ⇒ A person who is responsible for reading the ticket and dealing with the customer. Once they are finished with the ticket, they often mark it with a "Close" to say the customer has been dealt with correctly.

Manager ⇒ The manager is not concerned about each individual ticket, but they want to know the overall statistics about the ticket. They would like to see what time the ticket was opened and what time the ticket was closed. In addition, they want to see how many different tickets were allocated to each different team member to monitor their productivity.

System Admin ⇒ The admin of the system is responsible for listing all of the accounts taht are in the system. They have the ability to change the usernames and password of each support team members and also the project manager.

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