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Heathly Plant

Introduction 介紹

Healthy Plant is an app that provide information about planting, plant recognition and tracking the status of plants. This app can be connected to Arduino by using Bluetooth. It provides information about the humidity, temperature, light, etc. In order to connect the hardware with the app, users only need to prepare required hardware and follow the tutorial.

Healthy Plant 是一個提供種植資訊,植物圖片分析,及查看植物狀態的程式。 程式能透過藍芽與Arduino連接再配合各種感應器來讀取空氣濕度,溫度,光度等等的資訊。用戶只需要自備相關硬件並依照教學設置便能與本程式連接。

Download 下載

alt text

Requirements 條件

This app only support iOS 11.0 or above 
本程式只支援iOS 11或以上

Optional requirements 非必要條件

Hardware 硬件
1. Arduino
2. Bluetooth 4.0 HC-08 or above (藍芽 4.0 HC-08以上)
3. Extension board (Arduino 擴展版)
4. Temperature&Humidity sensor 溫度及濕度傳感器
5. Mositure sensor 土壤傳感器
6. Light sensor 光敏傳感器

Hardware installation 硬件安裝

Download this Arduino folder 下載Arduino文件

1. Put "DHT" into arduino DHT arduino libraries 把"DHT"的文件放進Arduino的libraries
2. Open HeathlyPlant.ino 開啟 HeathlyPlant.ino
3. Connect your computor to arduino and upload the program 連接你的電腦和Arduino並上傳程式

Developer 開發者


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