FileMaker database synchronisation/replication tool. Easy to setup, no FileMaker server or any plugins needed
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FileMaker data synchronisation / synchronization / replication

##Project Data synchronization is rather difficult. Since FileMaker does not provide a synchronization by its own I created a generic solution to solve this problem. The synchronisation tool replicates data between any FileMaker client and can even be triggered on a FileMaker server (interval scipt or by calling perfom script on server from a client).


  • Download the zip files in the repo and open them with a FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Pro Advanced / FileMaker Go / host it on a FileMaker Server.
  • Click on "sync" and create a new account (if you don't want to create one you can get credentials from
  • Copy the files to another device or in another folder on your computer and open it with another filemaker instance.
  • Enter the same account after pressing sync again.
  • Edit your data and sync and vice versa in both files.

##Download / Installation instructions Download of the solution and instructions how to add data synchronization to your FileMaker databases can be found under:


  • FileMaker database you want to synchronize
  • FileMaker Pro (minimum) / FileMaker Pro Advanced (recommended)
  • basic filemaker knowledge
  • 5-10 minutes time to implement the synchronization