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Anki Card Templates for learning Japanese

Overview over my Anki add-ons


Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program.

Anki creates the (flash)cards automatically, based on the notes that the user adds (which basically are a collection of key-value pairs, called fields; anki manual: basics). The information displayed on the cards and its styling is controlled by templates, which are written in HTML and CSS (anki manual: cards & templates).

In this repository I host the templates I created for studying Japanese.

Usually two cards are generated from each note: E.g. from a note containing the fields Kanji: 金, Keyword: Gold, I can generate a card asking for the kanji corresponding to the keyword "gold" or a card asking for the keyword corresponding to the kanji "金". This corresponds to two templates.


phone screenshot

  • Conditional Card Creation: Cards will only be created if there is a sensible Question/Answer pair.
  • Lookup buttons: Row of buttons to look up Expression on different dictionaries/kanji.koohii/google images etc.


I use two different note types for learning Japanese


Each template consists of 3 files:

  • A Front Template in HTML <card name>_front.html
  • A Back Template in HTML <card name>_back.html
  • A Styling in CSS style.css, usually shared between different card types belonging to the same note

You can either

  • Download the newest version of the templates as a zip file by clicking here
  • clone this repository via git clone
  • navigate to the files via the menu above, then copy & paste from the browser

To use one of the templates, simply copy the contents of these files to the corresponding fields in the card editor. You can get to the card editor from the Anki main window via ToolsManage note types → select your note → click on Cards → select the card type you want to edit or add a new one (more information on how to get there anki manual: cards & templates).

card editor


The contents of this repository are licensed under the AGPL3 license (to be compatible with the license of Anki and its addons as detailed here).


Anki Cards for learning Japanese




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