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10 README.i18n
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ The now uses gettext for the messages it generates.
The corresponding pronterface.pot file is at locale/pronterface.pot
and was generated using
- pygettext -o locale/pronterface.pot
+ pygettext -o locale/pronterface.pot printrun/
followed by minor edits to the generated header.
@@ -20,14 +20,14 @@ now there is only one, for German. New ones can be created:
# Create new pronterface message catalog for a different language
newlang="es" # use the correct code for your language
mkdir -p locale/${newlang}/LC_MESSAGES
- cp locale/pronterface.pot locale/${newlanguage}/LC_MESSAGES/${newlang}.po
- cd locale/${newlanguage}/LC_MESSAGES/${newlang}
+ cp locale/pronterface.pot locale/${newlanguage}/LC_MESSAGES/pronterface.po
+ cd locale/${newlanguage}/LC_MESSAGES/
# Edit the .po file to add messages for newlang
- msgfmt -o ${newlang}.mo ${newlang}.po
+ msgfmt -o pronterface.po
To update a previously created message catalog from the template, use :
- msgmerge -U locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/${lang}.po locale/pronterface.pot
+ msgmerge -U locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/pronterface.po locale/pronterface.pot
As currently coded, the default location for these message catalogs is
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