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control mpv for easy note taking
Emacs Lisp
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mpv.el MELPA Stable MELPA

control mpv for easy note-taking

This package is a potpourri of helper functions to control a mpv process via its IPC interface.


mpv.el is available on MELPA:

M-x package-install mpv

To start playback, have a look at mpv-play. Among others, mpv.el provides

  • mpv-pause
  • mpv-kill
  • mpv-seek-forward / mpv-seek-backward
  • mpv-speed-increase / mpv-speed-decrease
  • mpv-insert-playback-position
  • mpv-seek-to-position-at-point

Apart from that, just have a look at the interactive functions in mpv.el or the wiki for tips on configuration.

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