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A simple static site generator powered by PHP, YAML, Markdown and mustache. Licensed under MIT License

There are many other and better staticsitegenerators, but I searched for these features and did not find:

  • edit without texteditor or ssh access. Using webedit on your browser and get a textarea or markdown-WYSIWM to change and create pages.
  • meta information for rendering (template, menue etc) or html metatags are at the bottom of the page and only optional (tried to use my own standard PROSErial).
  • no indexed or automatic menu; just an extra included page with a (nested) list.

Some more small features like titletags from the first heading, etc.

All about editing, admin, setup and templates in the wiki.

Demo (use user a and password a. There is no further protection, so all changes will be deleted sporadic for cleanup.)

drf users

Sites made with drfrederson:

similar projects

  • to my knowledge Hacker CMS is the only other staticsitegenerator with a webinterface. The filetree, is a feature, drfrederson is missing at all. But it uses the common ssg jekyll, so users have to deal with frontmatter and not PROSErial.


  • version source etc
  • meta to client, need for
    • for new pages (drf-write.jquery.js)
      • sourcepath (from config.yml)
      • prefill
      • source extension for new
    • metaseperator for live preview without meta
    • area, for edit link ?
    • template ?
    • secure passwords for upload etc, extra ?
  • Hooks
  • plugins
    • Drf automatic ID for headimgs
  • live preview without meta
  • const public
  • bloggish posttemplate (date, archivcat) for webedit
  • lasttest
  • doku images timestamp



  • minfy als webservice?
  • trailing slash
  • etherpad
  • redirects with page