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Klaus Mueller edited this page Mar 14, 2015 · 4 revisions
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A simple static site generator powered by PHP, YAML-config, Markdown (extra) and mustache templates.

There are many other and better staticsitegenerators, but I searched for this features and did not found:

  • edit without texteditor or ssh access. Using webedit on your browser and get a textarea to change and create pages. Even admin settings
  • meta information for rendering (template, menue etc) or html metatags are at the bottom of the page and only optional
  • no indexed or automatic menu; just an extra included page with a (nested) list.

Some more small features like titletags from the first heading, etc.

All processing happens in _drf/make.php, please beware of any security issues.

After setup the webserver can deliver pure html files. If you want an URL without the extension .html, rewrite in .htaccess.

Initially based on