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UDJ is a social music player. It allows many people to control a single music player democratically. Checkout the UDJ homepage for more information. This is the official UDJ Android App. For more details on actually interacting with UDJ (so you can do something like creating your own client), see the UDJ Server Repository.


The UDJ android app has a min-sdk version of 8. You'll also need to have/reference the ActionBarSherlock, ViewPageIndicator, and the Android-PullToRefresh library projects. You will also need to have the Android Support Pacakge installed.

Who Are You?

UDJ is a team effort lead by Kurtis Nusbaum. I really like computers and programming.


UDJ is licensed under the GPLv2.


If you have any questions or comments, please join us in the #udj irc channel in