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What is this?

This is piece of software can be used to do the add up and participant management work for the DC-Protocol.

The featureset is the same, only this example has 10 times fewer lines of code and no deadlocks. (Sometimes there seem to be some raceconditions, though. I'll promise, I'll take a look at these)

How to install

The easiest way to install is the rebar utility.

If you have never used it, yet, just do the following:

wget http://bitbucket.org/basho/rebar/downloads/rebar; chmod u+x rebar
./rebar compile

How to configure

In ebin/erlangDC.app, you can modify and add the environment variables to change the behaviour of erlangDC. These are the available options:

Key generation method. Default: keg_probab_fail_stop {keg_method, keg_null; keg_dc; keg_fail_stop_wc; keg_probab_fail_stop}

Key exchange method. Default: kex_fully_automatic {kex_method, kex_manual; kex_fully_automatic}

Port to listen on. Default: 6768 {port, Port}

Minimum amount of acteve participants. Minimum secure default: 3 {min_active_participants, MinPart}

When to time in [ms] out for RT messages. Integer or infinity. Default: infinity {rt_timeout, RTTimeout}

Max allowed symbol length in [bytes]. Theoretical max = 65000. Default: 65000 {symbol_length, Length}

Time in [ms] to wait before new ticks get sent out. Integer. Default 20 {tick_timeout, TickTimeout}

Allow variable payload length: yes or no. Default: yes {variable_payloads, yes; no}

How to run

In the base directory do the following:

erl -pa ebin

Then, at the erlang shell do the following:

application:load(erlangDC), application:start(erlangDC).