A proof-of-concept client-side search system for jekyll, with no 3rd-party API providers
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A simple client-side search system for Jekyll, that doesn't require any 3rd party APIs like IndexTank. Inspired by the search system the Sphinx doc generator uses. This is mostly a proof-of-concept. It works and I use it for my site, but the code is probably sub-par (those lines of ruby are literally my first lines of ruby).

Here's how it works (more or less):

  • At run time, a search index is generated. The index has the following structure:

    • An array of URIs
    • An array of titles
    • A given integer represents an article IDs, it maps into the URI and title arrays.
    • A hashtable with stemmed words as indices and an array of article IDs
    • The index is json-ified and inlined in the javascript search module
  • From the index structure, the simple search system can easily follows:

    • For a given query, split into words
    • Stem each word
    • Look up the document IDs for the word, and merge them into an array of matched document IDs
    • Look up the document titles/URIs
    • Sort by title
    • Display

This search system is incredibly simple, and its results reflect this. However that's completely acceptable; many jekyll sites on github have relatively few posts. A useful query matches only a few posts, and the titles are sufficient for the user to find what they want.