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Linux kernel FL2000DX/IT66121FN dongle DRM driver

Clean re-implementation of FrescoLogic FL2000DX DRM driver and ITE Tech IT66121F driver, allowing to enable full display controller capabilities for USB-to-HDMI dongles based on such chips in Linux

Building driver

Check out the code and type



insmod fl2000.ko && insmod it66121.ko

with sudo or in root shell to start the driver. If you are running on a system with secure boot enabled, you may need to sign kernel modules. Try using provided script for this:


ensure that DRM components are loaded in your system, if not - please use

modprobe drm
modprobe drm_kms_helper

NOTE: proper kernel headers and build tools (e.g. "build-essential" package) must be installed on the system. Driver is developed and tested on Ubuntu 22.04 with Linux kernel 6.5.0, so better to test it this way. Please use gcc-8 or newer to build the driver

For more information check project's Wiki